A word from our Management

Thani Al Suwaidi / Chief Operations Officer

Fashion Arabia was established to bring great ideas to market, specifically in the field of fashion. Our inception in 2008 was powered by three key realisations.

First, we realised there was an audience of people in the UAE who were looking for something more than mass-market brands. People wanted to access new ideas, enjoy new experiences and wear local creations by homegrown designers. We wanted to create spaces where this audience could be served.

Simultaneously, we recognised there was a rich vein of creativity in the UAE and nearby region. Designers were coming up with exciting new sartorial concepts, and entrepreneurs were working to bring the next big innovation to market. We wanted to help these people succeed, and turn excellent ideas into viable business opportunities.

And finally, we realised that the UAE markets were evolving towards a diversified knowledge economy where good ideas were essential to growth. We wanted to help cement Dubai’s reputation as a genuine hub of innovative ideas.

That’s why we curate designers and brands through showrooms like Ush Boutique. We’re also developing a portfolio of designer brands, which includes the well-known Abeer Al Suwaidi line. We are always on the lookout for partners who have brilliant concepts that we can help make succeed. If you have a carefully thought out business model that fits with our ethos of creativity, we’re happy to hear from you.

Brand Management


Ush Boutique was founded in 2009 as an artisanal space where Middle Eastern customers could find avant-garde creations that combine heritage, luxury and modern cues.


Named after its eponymous designer, Abeer Al Suwaidi is a trend-setting brand reinterpreting the traditional abaya with contemporary twists. Innovative materials, brave drapes and avant-garde cuts have come to define Abeer Al Suwaidi’s aesthetic.